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Chris Rooney leads the Chris Rooney Home Experts (CRHE) team to provide Buyers and Investors with complementary skills and expertise in all areas of real estate. The collaborative team of experts provide highly professional real estate services from searching for the perfect home, property valuations, breaking down the transaction so you understand each step to help clients achieve their financial goals.

The creative real estate solutions provided by the Chris Rooney Home Experts Team makes them your valued resource for answers about the process of buying. CRHE is knowledgeable in geographic trends – acting as your tour guide to identify the perfect community for your specific lifestyle needs. Benefit from a wealth of resources and strategies employed by CRHE to provide you with all the research and data on your potential property so you buy SMART! CRHE is known for leading-edge negotiating skills and business-minded philosophies to give you the advantage – CONFIDENCE you want to back you up with professionals you can TRUST!

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